Who I Am

Hello, my name is Shannon…and I’m addicted to building web sites. Before this all started I was just a little girl growing up in a small town air force base (5 to be exact), where I conformed to strict rules and thought death, or jail time, would come to those who strayed from the rules. Now I can say, I rebelliously change the color of my hair when it suits my mood and I like the holes in my head (as my father calls ear piercings) and once in a while I paint my walls something other than white…okay, maybe I don’t. My friends think I am funny, or they just laugh at me alot. I have no pets but I have 3 children… and that’s enough! I cry during movies and sometimes laugh at inappropriate jokes. My heart aches when my kids don’t make the team, and it breaks when they don’t respect me. I feel shock when I gain weight or see grey hair…on my friend’s head  or when I look in the mirror and I see my mom, and on some days…my dad (yeesh!)

I am my own worst critic.  My best is never good enough. I’m a perfectionist, but am sane enough to know when to stop. (that’s a lie!) I wear my past with pride because it has made me the strong, confident, goofy girl I am today and I AM PROUD TO BE CANADIAN…oops, stole that! If you don’t have ideas, I will create them. If I don’t know something, I will learn it. I’m not perfect but I’m committed to making things perfectly the way you want them. I may not win the Nobel Peace Prize or Mother-of-the-Year award (I’m thiiiiis close) but I could be that girl that “refreshed” your web site, or atleast made you smile. THAT is who I am!

What’s In a Name?

While creating and modifying my school project web site, I would test it using the Safari browser, but none of my edits would show up. After several hours of failed attempts, I came to realize that my browser was caching the page. In simpler terms, it was saving the page in it’s memory, to make it load faster the next time I looked at it. I soon realized the computer was not out to get me, that pounding my fist on my desk and weeping uncontrollably and pleading for God to put me out of my misery was not the most professional way of dealing with it, and that a mere little click of the “refresh” button in the browser window was all it would have taken to fix it. (or empty out your cache)

Refresh, or reload button, loads a fresh copy of the web site page you are looking at. Refreshen means that all it takes to give a fresh new look is to “refresh” your web site.