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The task of the web designer is to create a practical, functional, visually appealing web site that communicates what your business is all about. Each web site and its design is unique in what it offers.


Custom Web Site Design & Development

Each web site and its design is unique in what it offers. I help you make decisions such as the content to be included, choosing the right text fonts and graphics that will convey your theme, and the type of navigation…just to name a few. Your web site will be built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in mind. What is SEO? When incorporated into your web pages, these site building techniques increase your web site’s chances of getting noticed by the search engines via search results.

Web sites are built using HTML5 and CSS standards. WordPress is my choice of CMS platforms to design web sites that allow you to have control of your own site.

Web Site Management Plan Add-On

$25 + pst /month
paid in advance
for the year offers:

  • Continuous domain name registration and web hosting services.
  • Bi-annual audits on your site to make sure everything is running accordingly and that files do not contain broken links.
  • You will receive a reduced rate of $30/hour for all updates, changes, or edits, with no minimum time.

Edits & Updates

I contract myself out for the editing or updating of your web site for $40/hr with a minimum one hour per call. To be more cost effective, it will take less time when you bundle your edits. This includes web sites that were not designed by Refreshen Web Design. Please feel free to call for a free quote!

  • Free Consultation

    Time to assess your company’s needs, focus, and expectations. Will answer all questions on what you need to do to get the project started.

  • Proposal

    Make sure you are happy with the price tag attached to the building of your site. No plan is perfect until it is approved by you.

  • Domain Name

    If you don’t have one already, I will help you choose an appropriate domain name and discuss your options to set up and maintain your web hosting plan.

  • Development

    Your site will be built using WordPress CMS which allows you full control of your site and its changes after the site is complete.  50% of quoted price will be invoiced and contract signed before development begins.

  • Test

    Testing your web site and ensuring that everything works is crucial to the project before going live. I like to ask a few friends (test group) to take a look at the site from ‘fresh’ eyes to make sure that the web site design is clean, responsive, and easy to navigate and free of errors.

  • Going Live

    You will have 2 weeks to make any free edits that pertain to the design of the site. At this time, I will send the remaining amount owing on the invoice. Please be confident in knowing that this is the beginning of an awesome business relationship where you can call anytime.